Hey, I'm Bryan!

Student | Developer | Creator | Producer | Gamer


I'm a big fan of bringing my imagination to life with tech.

Whether I'm leveraging new JavaScript tools to build fast, fluid websites or near-native mobile apps,
I love trying to solve small problems, including building this portfolio from scratch.

I especially enjoy the problem-solving nature of development: the constant highs and lows that come
with solving pesky bugs or inadvertently breaking all my code when trying to learn and implement new
technologies. I try my best to follow along with the best practices!

On the side, I love to game and make music. You can find me streaming on Twitch occasionally, probably
playing Fortnite, Minecraft, or CS:GO.

As far as music is concerned, I haven't released anything yet (I'm not your local SoundCloud rapper, dw),
but I enjoy experimenting with new synths and vocal chops.




Octave utilizes audio recognition technology and Spotify's REST APIs to successfully identify a song and get its tempo.

Octave uses React as the "framework" for its front-end, while relying on an Express.js app for its back-end.

Since I produce music on the side, the possibility of being able to get the BPM (beats per minute) of any song nearly instantly sparked this project.



Basket Catch


Basket Catch is a minimalist 2D iOS game developed using Swift and Apple's SpriteKit framework. I've done a bit of 2D and 3D gaming with Unity, but I wanted to experiment with making a mobile game through Xcode since I'd never done that before.

The game's mechanics are really simple: avoid touching the rotten fruits and try to catch the ripe fruits.